Das Wappen der Familie Khammas

Curriculum Vitae - Achmed Adolf Wolfgang Khammas

23.03.1952 (*)

Born in Berlin to a German Mother and an Iraki Father, both qualified industrial-engineers which were taught at the TU-Berlin.


Der dreijährige Achmed im Streichelzoo

With two and a half years old in the Berlin Children's Zoo – and from there onto the Mid-pages of the BZ (German).

1958 - 1970


School in Berlin and Damascus, in which I skipped the 3rd and 4th class in the same summer vacancies. Head editor at the scientific Student-Newspaper of the Ibn Khaldoun High School. Graduate with an Arabic Higher School Certificate, French system, scientific branch.


Since 1963


Member of the Syrian Scout-association.




Opening of the first ever Record Store in Damascus: 'Blow Up'; Specialty: Rock and Underground.

October 1970 – March 1971

Internship machine engineering, expertizing in Aerospace technology at MBB, Hamburg-Finkenwerder.


Achmed auf einer Demonstration 1971

Early activity... right in the second row. Thanks to Michael Schott for the photo!

Since 1971

Neurological Experiments and Experiences, diverse Documentation.


1971 – 1976


Scientific freelancer for 'Brennpunkt Systemtechnik' in the department of aerospace engineering; 'KONPLAN' (public contact-point planning) and at 'TU-Transfer', the technology transfer center, all at the TU-Berlin.

Also project work at the 'Center for Futuristic Studies Berlin', specifically research, organization and information networking.


Achmed inmitten des KONPLAN-Teams

Sitting midst the KONPLAN-Team of the TU-Berlin.



1972 – 1975


Early involvement and prime vendor at the first German city magazine HOBO in Berlin (later: Zitty); Sale of Syrian artesian craft work on the Kudamm. Hippie: the 'mystical Achmed'.


Achmed macht Musik am 1. Mai auf dem Mariannenplatz in Berlin

After the first of May demonstration. - Music-session on the Mariannenplatz.



since 1973

Dealing with the topic 'Renewable Energy' (then called alternative energy) in consequence of the so-called first oil war.



since 1975

Preoccupation with the conflict 'religion, environment and energy'; Publication of proclamations, visions and modern, ecologically oriented Koranic interpretations with the goal of world salvation.



1977 - 1989

Head of engineering office 'Dipl.-Ing. M. Khammas Engineering' in Damascus; Industry representation, technical and legal consulting, organization optimization, marketing, and technology follow-up examinations.


Ansichtskarte von unserem Büro in Damaskus

Our office in the right building, 3rd floor, parked in front of it: Our green Opel Kadett - and this on an 'official' postcard ... of course only because the headquarters of the Baath party on the left (btw.: exactly between the two buildings, in the early 1980s, the first bomb exploded in the attempted militant overthrow by the Muslim-brothers).



1977 - 1993

Half-time interpreter and translator for the Foreign Office, the BMZ, KfW, GTZ, the Goethe Institute, law firms and business enterprises in Syria, Jordan and Germany.




Interpreter at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Damascus, including accompanying the Syrian President Hafez al-Assad at his five-day state visit to Bonn and Hamburg.


Achmed mit Präsident Assad 1978

As an interpreter on the go with President Hazef al-Assad.


1980 - 1989

Development and manufacture of solar thermal systems (article in German), development of an own production, staff training, sales and service; Development and manufacture of autonomous water supply systems; publications, exhibitions and lectures on energy and environment; information transfer and data networking in the environmental technology and ecology area; voluntary supervision of undergraduates at the University of Damascus (solar and wind power).



Since 1980


Member of Mensa International.



May 1981


State examination 'Translator Arabic / German' in Berlin; Examination of the Syrian Ministry of Justice and sworn in as interpreter, Damascus.



1982 - 1988

A total of four Holographic exhibitions in Syria (own collection); various lectures and events for cultural, environmental and technology-oriented topics.





Music experiments with own band 'Sufi Rockers', Damascus.


Achmed, Jack und Aziz - die Sufi-Rocker

The Sufi Rockers: Left the Armenian singer Jack Sakajan from Aleppo, right guitarist Aziz Khani, a Turkish-Syrian mixture.





Property bought in Syria; Implementation of chemical-free agriculture, reclamation of desert soil, use of wind energy systems as well as import and implementation of new irrigation systems.





Optimization and patenting a highly innovative aerodynamic structure under the title 'Slit rotor blade' (article in German).



September 1989 - June 1992

Sales Director of Development and Environmental analytics company LAR - Laser and Analytical Research GmbH, Berlin (TU-spin-off), among others almost cover all parts of the water and sewerage companies in the GDR and the 'former east German states' with laboratory equipment for pollutant and heavy metal analysis.



At Midday, the 10th of November 1989, in front of the Brandenburger Tor.



1990 – 1991

Voluntary work as a news editor and spokesman of the Arab editors of Radio 100, Berlin



since 1991

Part-time and free journalistic work (own Friday-heading: 'The TAZ reports in 10 years', in German); Lectures on energy and ecology, among others Robin Wood, BUND, ZEGG, AAS, OASE, ufaFabrik, the UFO Congress Berlin. Performance at '2nd Electronic Art syndrome ', Berlin.



since 1992

Aesthetic optimization of the highly innovative aerodynamic structure 'Slit rotor blade' in cooperation with the Berlin artist Jörg Reckhenrich, development of a high-tech designs, joint construction of the 'Office for Art, Invisible Sculpture and science'.


Achmed und Jörg Reckhenrich mit Design-Rotoren

With Jörg Reckhenrich and the later awarded Design-Rotor.



since 1992

Voluntary work in the construction of 'E-SMOG-archive' in Berlin, together with Pit Schulz and Bernhard Harrer (carrier: Embassy e.V., sponsored by the Cultural Office Berlin Mitte); Co-founder of DATA DIWAN e.V., information networking and building a database to border areas of science; Carrying out coordination and communication for establishing the SOLAR SYSTEMS Foundation (planned financial technical instrument for guarantee financing alternative energy technologies) in collaboration with Dr. Boris Schubert (McKinsey) and Dieter Reincke (Ökobank co-founder).



July 1992 - June 1993

Auto-didactic education for the structured use of information networks (Intra-net & Internet).




since July 1993

Freelance Translator and Interpreter in Berlin (promoted by the Senator for Labor and Women); in particular working for the log of the Senate Chancellery, the State-press, the SFB, the House of World Cultures, the 'Deutsche Welle', various Senate administrations and media institutions, the Foreign Ministry, among others. Supervision of 'Future Page' of the scene magazine PRINZ.



November 1993

'Recognition for outstanding design' for the design of the high-tech 'Slotted rotor blade', 1993 a Swiss Design Award in Solothurn, together with Jörg Reckhenrich.



1994 – 1995

Freelance location scout for a major Hamburg banner advertising company.



from September 1994

Cooperation with the TFH Wildau, the Technical University of Berlin and the 2. OSZ Berlin in the optimization of the rotor blade; Participation in the preparation of various research proposals.


1994 - 1996

System Operator at Compuserve; own sections in Gerwin and Pl@net-Forum; Editorial, moderation, chat and community education organization; Design and management of virtual online tours (in German).



March-October 1995

Participation in the Framework Programme for climate summit Berlin '95: Project 'Lindentunnel', joint action with the artist Ben Wargin, among others, about irrigation systems for the 3rd world and renewable energy; Model of the 'Messiah-Machine' (sponsorship by SKF GmbH, Gemmel metals GmbH and Röhm Plexiglas GmbH); diverse Lectures at the Humboldt University, Berlin.

June / July 1995

Project 'Airship over the Wrapped Reichstag' (unfortunately could not be realized).

Since 1995

Consultant at the publicly funded project Pi (Patient Information for Naturopathy), Berlin.



1995 – 1996

Sales and marketing consultant of HanfHaus GmbH, Berlin (Innovator and market leader in the product distribution of the renewable resource fibrehemp).


Achmed mit Scotty und Juppy von der ufafabrik und Mathias Bröckers sovie Povl vom HanfHaus

With the ufaFabrik- and HanfHaus-friends 'in the Hemp' (left to right: Achmed, Scotty, Mathias, Juppy, Povl).


September 1996

Organization and implementation of the 1. Industrial Hemp Conference and Exhibition 'ERNTE 96' (in German) at the International Cultural Center ufaFabrik, Berlin-Tempelhof, Patron: Berlin environmental Senator Peter Strieder; personally opened by Brandenburg's environment Minister Matthias Platzek, promoted by the Environmental Senate Berlin.


1997 - 1998


Networking Manager at the 'Bernhard Harrer - Knowledge Transfer', Berlin; Construction of a Naturopathic advisory service with telephone hot-line; Assisting in the planning and development of intra-net solutions.


since August 1998

Technical preparations for the implementation of the patented rotor blade; Cooperation with the HTW Karlshorst, the 2nd OSZ Spandau, the Steinbeis Transfer Center and the ufaFabrik


Achmed vor einem Challenger-Jet der Lufwaffe

Before departure, accompanied by Federal Environment Minister Jürgen Trittin (2004).


1999 - 2000

Planning and organizing the event ID22 'Festival of Ecology - Culture - Community' under URBAN 21, the Global Conference on Urban Future, in Berlin, together with Michael LaFond and the team of the International Cultural Center ufaFabrik, Berlin.


March 2000

Second prize at the founder competition Multimedia 1999 of the Federal Ministry of Economyand Technology for the Innovation 'NETradio - an independent, pocket radio receiver for audio channels from the Internet'.



01 - 09 July 2000

Implementation of the ID22; in particular responsible for the 1st Berlin Water Parade with solar boats and music ships, sponsored by the Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency, personally opened by Federal Environment Minister Jürgen Trittin.

Since 01.07.2001

Working full-time as an interpreter and translator in Germany and the Middle East.

January 2002

In Damascus: a burnt offering to the ancient rain god BAAL causes a rain in Syria not seen for 10 years.

To August 2002

Continuation of work on new irrigation systems, solar thermal systems for heating swimming pools and solar cookers in Syria.

December 2002

Activation of this page (www.khammas.de); general certification as a sworn translator for the Berlin courts and notaries.


Grant of experimental Islam lessons at a European school in Berlin-Neukölln (in German).


Achmed mit Literatur-Nobelpreisträger Günter Grass im Jemen

As Arab voice of Günter Grass in Yemen (2004), thanks to Karin Ney for this great photo!




In January, in the company of Nobel laureate Günter Grass during his week-long trip to Yemen establishing a, himself-funded, Clay building school - in March, accompanied by Environment Minister Jürgen Trittin during his three-day trip to Yemen to prepare for the international conference renewables 2005 in Bonn.


Takeover of complete translations for the 'Presence of the Arab world' as guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2004 - on behalf of the League of Arab States.

January / February 2005

Activity as a technical translator for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Berlin in preparation for the first abroad elections of the Iraqi Republic; translation of a far spread Iraqi 'lexicon of democracy' within the project ElectionRadio.



March 2005

Performing a mentality course for engineers and managers in Berlin.


Achmed mit seinem Sohn Jannis Aziz auf dem Kawasaki-Motorrad

With son Jannis Aziz on the Kawasaki (2005), thanks to Christiane Schott for the photo!


Complete translation of the Arabic-language versions of multiple homepages www.germantimber.com and www.planned-in-germany.de (now offline).

May 2005

Activation of the Arab translation of neuro comic by Timothy Leary on the occasion of his 10th death anniversary on 31.05. under www.learycomic.com.


Achmed (Ahmad) Khammas und Eman Ahmad Khammas

With the Iraqi anti-war activist Eman Ahmad Khammas (2008), whom I am not related to though.



November 2005

Start of cooperation with the 'West-Eastern Divan e.V.' from Iraqi lyricist Amal al-Jubouri, Berlin.



Participation in the 'Show of failure' (with the innovative 'Slit blade', see above); First lecture at the Summer University of Berlin (FU); Translator in the film project by Romuald Karmakar Hamburg Lectures.


Achmed und Scheich Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum von Dubai

With the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE (2008), at the Pergamon Museum, Berlin




Collaboration on the book 'The lifestyle event - of climate change as an opportunity for a new way of life' (ed. Sepp Fiedler & Andreas Eickelkamp), my text is published on this website here (in German).


Since November 2006

Presence as Blogger Data Sheikh in the same name TAZ Blog.



2007 - 2016


Honorary Member of the VBB-passenger Forums (Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg).


MBR Gala mit Töchtern

With my daugthers Miriam Mey and Nadina Shirin at a gala (2008).




Activation of the 2.500 pages world's most comprehensive website on the history, present and future of renewable energy under the title Book of Synergy (comments here, mostly German).

February 2009

The Book of synergy recorded the first time more than 1 million clicks per month.

August 2009

Founding member of the 1. Association of Arabic SF authors, Damascus / Syria.

Since 2011

Examiner at the State Examination Office for translators in Berlin.

Since 2012

Contract interpreter and translator of the Chamber of Commerce Berlin.


Achmed mit seinem Sohn Joel Salim auf dem Suzuki-Motorrad

With son Joel Salim on the Suzuki (2013).



Since 2012


Columnist at zenith, the magazine for the Orient (see Almanach of energies, German).



Bilingual German and Arabic, English good, French satisfactory.


Selected publications:

"DIE MASCHINE" (Berlin/Damaskus 1975)

"DER WETTBEWERB" (1984), "DIE VISION" (1987), "TRÄUME VOR DEM ANBRUCH DER NACHT" (1989), all these stories were published in the series 'International Science Fiction Stories', Heyne-Verlag, under the pseudonyme ‘Ghassan Homsi’.

Zero (1975), Kompost (1976), Weltspirale (1976), Kosmische Evolution (1976), Humus (1977), Die Rutschbahn (1979), Sphinx-Magazin (1979), Energy Unlimited (1980), Home-Made (1981), Implosion (1981), Nachbarschaft (1982), Raum & Zeit (1983), Future? (1985), Hologramm (1985), Einblick (1986), Öko-Journal (1987), Sonnenenergie (1988), TU-International (1989), Jupiter-Journal (1990), The Journal of Borderland Research (1990), and many more.

Zeitschrift für Kulturaustausch (1982)

A special column, 'Die TAZ berichtet in 10 Jahren' (Juni-September 1992).

Additionally he has published diverse articles for the publishing company Werner Pieper 'Die Grüne Kraft / MedienXperimente', Löhrbach., for example in the books, ‘Willkommen’ (Wellcome), ‘Die Deutsche Kakerlake’ (The German Kockroach), ‘Das Scheißbuch’, and many more.

Since 1994, publications of various articles and stories have appreared on the internet, for example the SciFi story "10 TO THE 23RD" about the famous ‘Crystal Skull’ from South America, which is shown at the British Museum, London.


(*) On the same day and in Berlin as well, actress Pola Kinski is born – and in Waukegan, Illinois, the later Sci-Fi author Kim Stanley Robinson. Also on a 23rd March, the Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy (1900) was born, who became famous with his innovative Mud-houses; just like – exactly 40 years before me – Werner Von Braun (1912), the Idol of my youth … even long before I knew his birth-date.

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